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The Game Design Round Table

Mar 11, 2014

Jon announces that he’ll be retiring from the podcast in order to focus fully on At the Gates. Piggybacking on this topic, he and Dirk discuss workflow, where AtG is at now and highlight what’s next for it. Dirk finishes up the episode by sharing his plans for TGDRT going forward.---------------------------Contact InformationJon Shafer - @JonShaferDesign,, Jon.Shafer@ConiferGames.comDirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Outline0:01:10 - Jon’s Last Ride0:03:52 - Work Patterns0:09:42 - Splitting Attention0:22:32 - The Impact of Art0:30:21 - Future of At the Gates0:41:15 - Travel & Convention Plans0:45:24 - Marketing0:51:43 - The Future of the Podcast