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The Game Design Round Table

Mar 4, 2014

Jon, Dirk and David discuss the idea of players as designers within the context of house rules, modding and optional rules. Other topics covered include: how much control should players have? When are house rules bad? How much creative control over the core game design should developers give out?---------------------------Contact InformationJon Shafer - @JonShaferDesign,, Jon.Shafer@ConiferGames.comDirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Dirk@Knemeyer.comDavid Heron - @DavidVHeron---------------------------Episode Outline0:00:38 - House Rules0:07:20 - Modding0:17:48 - Tabletop Games0:30:30 - Optional Rules0:38:55 - Our House Rules0:43:58 - Allowing for Player Creativity0:55:40 - Opening Up the Design Process1:03:35 - From Modder to Designer