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The Game Design Round Table

Feb 11, 2014

Jon and Dirk cover many a topic in this episode, but the main discussion revolves around Jon’s plans for diplomacy in ‘At the Gates’, how they’ve changed, and why. Also covered are game structure in Starbound, the business of games and a brief update on Dirk’s projects.---------------------------Contact InformationJon Shafer - @JonShaferDesign,, Jon.Shafer@ConiferGames.comDirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Outline0:00:56 - Games we’ve played recently0:08:08 - Diplomacy in AtG0:31:30 - Asymmetry in diplomacy0:45:10 - Planning fatigue0:51:50 - Dirk’s projects1:01:34 - Business stuff