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The Game Design Round Table

Sep 4, 2013

Jon, Dirk and David finally get around to the elephant in the room: randomness. What is it? How can it make games better or worse? How does it relate to the type of audience you’re aiming for? What bad things can happen when you try to remove it? And heck, is there actually anything good about complete, utter, brutal unfair randomness?Contact InformationJon Shafer - @JonShaferDesign,, Jon.Shafer@ConiferGames.comDirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Dirk@Knemeyer.comDavid Heron - @DavidVHeronEpisode Outline0:00:23 - What is randomness?0:03:55 - What makes randomness good?0:08:45 - Randomness and casual VS hardcore0:15:56 - Problems trying to mitigate randomness0:23:10 - Probability0:38:15 - Fairness0:50:40 - Input randomness