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The Game Design Round Table

Sep 28, 2017

In this episode, Dirk is joined by John Schulter, Sarah Graybill and Randy Hoyt to discuss their work on their new game, Spy Club from Foxtrot Games. They describe how their collaboration works and how Foxtrot Games and Black Straw Games fit into this relationship. --------------------- John Schulter & Sarah Graybill - @BlackStrawGames, Randy Hoyt - @Randyhoyt, @foxtrotgames, Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, --------------------- Episode Outline 0:11 Welcome John, Sarah and Randy - Background 0:35 Discuss the new game, Spy Club, and how they all started on the team 1:18 It is based on another game by Jason D. Kingsley 2:18 These games have a long and intensive development process 3:05 How did it get from Jason to Foxtrot Games 3:53 How did playtesting turn into participation in the dev process? 6:34 Spy Club - what type of game is it? 7:58 John and Sarah have experience in designing games for children 9:54 Is Foxtrot Games making a directed effort into family friendly games? 11:12 Is this collaboration going into more projects? 13:32 This shows how relationships can pay off 14:53 Sarah and Black Straw Games 16:44 How does the collaboration work between the two companies? 19:35 How would people who are interested in working together do so? 22:44 Foxtrot, is the pace of releases increasing? 26:49 Spy Club the campaign aspect 34:07 What are some challenges of collaboration?