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The Game Design Round Table

Jul 28, 2017

Dirk, Kathryn, and Rob get together for the much anticipated game design axioms episode. Listen as they share their their top design principles.---------------------Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Kathryn Hymes - @chicalashaw, Rob Daviau - @robdaviau---------------------Episode Outline 0:06 Greetings 0:22 Rob has a sultry voice 0:41 Kathryn and Rob are on the show together for the first time 0:57 Game design axioms 1:23 Axiom - Rob - Never make a person lose a turn 5:26 How Rob's experience at Hasbro contributed 6:45 Axiom - Kathryn - Design for the Human Animal 8:20 Heuristics - Group info and decisions in 3's 8:58 What are humans great at? 10:47 Insight - The Friction Is The Game 11:57 Flout Axioms with purpose 12:19 Kathryn background for her axiom 13:01 Axiom - Dirk - Know who you are designing for 16:29 User testing is core to knowing your audience 17:59 Tips for getting the right play testers 20:37 Axiom - Rob - Experience is more important than the rules 24:17 Rule design - people will do what they will do 25:19 Axiom - Kathryn - Rules relate to emotion 28:11 How to draw an emotional map 29:22 Axiom - Dirk - If you want them to like it, make sure they succeed. 34:12 Design Nuggets from the internet 34:37 Nugget - Design to guide for the right use 35:27 Nugget - Your politics or someone else’s 35:52 Nugget - Be specific 36:21 Nugget - Tell me why to play your game 36:48 Nugget - Prioritize projects that are exciting to you 37:38 Nugget - People value what you make them work for