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The Game Design Round Table

Jun 30, 2017

This week Tom Francis, creator of the game Gunpoint, joins Harrison and Dirk to discuss the state of games journalism, how Gunpoint came about and what to expect next.---------------------Tom Francis - @pentadact, Harrison Pink -, Dirk Knemeyer - @DKnemeyer,, Outline 0:16 - Tom's Background 1:29 - What Motivated Tom to make his own games? 3:13 - Tom's programming background 4:15 - What brought Tom into the gaming industry 6:42 - Is games journalism shrinking? 11:51 - What drives games journalism traffic? 12:50 - What inspired the format of Gunpoint? 14:49 - Gunpoint did well especially for a first release. 17:35 - Why the name Gunpoint? 21:41 - Blogging during the development of Gunpoint. 28:42 - How do you stay motivated during the dark times?